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VAR_Hops_ CloseupCascade is one of the first commercially successful American-bred hop varieties, first made available in 1972, and is one of the most popular hops in current production. It was developed as a cross of Fuggle, and produces a medium-sized compact cone.

Cascade is used as both an aroma and a bittering hop. Its popularity derives from its strong alpha/beta acid balance, its pronounced aroma profile, with both spicy and grapefruit elements, and its compatibility with other popular varieties, including Chinook and Centennial. Cascade is also often used in dry hopping.


Alpha Acid 4.5-7.0%

Beta acid 5.5-7.0%

Cohumulone 30-40%

Essential Oils (total) 0.7-1.5%/100gm

Myrcene 45-60% of total oil

Humulene 8-16% of total oil


VAR_Looking_UpChinook is a high-alpha bittering hop variety, developed through a USDA breeding program and first released in 1985. It is a Peltham Golding cross, derived from the German hop Perle variety. The distinctive cone is large and open at maturity.

Chinook is a dual-purpose hop, as its high alpha value produces both significant bittering and a pronounced aroma, with strong spicy/piny and grapefruit characteristics.


Alpha Acid 10-14%

Beta acid 3-4%

Cohumulone 27-34%

Essential Oils (total) 1.5-2.5%/100gm

Myrcene 25-40% of total oil

Humulene 18-25% of total oil

Sources: GreatLakesHops.com


Current Inventory


Currently, we are all sold out of our 2016 Chinook.  However, we still have 2016 Cascade, in T-90 pellets, 11-lb bags.  This is premium quality Cascade, as you can see from the label, with both alpha and beta acid values literally off-scale, yet perfectly balanced, and with a solid Hop Storage Index value that guarantees freshness.  The pelletizing was done by MI Local Hops, at their new state-of-the-art facility in Williamsburg.  

If interested, please contact us for pricing and continued availability.