About Us

Green Heron Hops

Green Heron Hops is the name of our commercial hopyard, built on our partly wooded farm property, about a dozen miles south of Traverse City. We’ve owned the 60 acres and lived here for five years now. We built our hopyard out over this time and have harvested the past four seasons. For the past two seasons, we have also had our own Wolf processor, oast, and baler. We have improved the yield and the quality of our hops each year, and have sold our hops in wet hop, baled, and pelletized form.

Quiet Creek Farms

In addition to the hopyard, we have a two-acre garden area, where we grow vegetables and have fruit trees and blueberries.  We have a six-acre stand of old-growth sugar maple, and we tap about 70 trees in the spring and make syrup.  We also have about a dozen beehives and harvest honey every fall.

As to our business name, we are Quiet Creek Farms because there is a small, rather quiet creek that flows year-round through the east end of our property, and through our backyard if we had one.  And we are Green Heron Hops because green herons nest in our small stream valley every year during the warm season.


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